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  Vestivo RV Online Reservation System

Online Reservation System

Rate Interface
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For your customerís convenience, Vestivo OLRS can be integrated into your existing website or the user can be directed form your website to a separate page. While browsing your web page, your customers can immediately check for availability and make a reservation.

      Checks Inventory for Availability
      Charges Appropriate Fees
      Customer can Print Confirmation
      Free up Your Phone Lines
      Improves Customer Experience

Real-time Updates to RMS

The OLRS is fully integrated and automatically updates the Reservation Management System and provides real-time notification on the RMS Home Page. No need to download or update the Reservation Management System to avoid double bookings.

      Updates RMS Including Customer , Reservation, and Payment Information
      Booked site is automatically removed from available inventory
      Allows you to instantly view and modify online reservations should the guest
        needs to change or update their reservation

Payment Options

The Vestivo Online Reservation System (OLRS) handles all customer payments whether you choose to accept deposits for reservations or payments in full or defer them until check in. The OLRS can accept credit card and process them online or transmit the encrypted data to be process in batch. All payments are updated in real-time in the Reservation Management System (RMS).

Prints Gate Passes, Car Passes and Statements

Customers are given an even greater convenience by being able to print their own statements and, if management desires, car passes and gate passes. (Gate passes are available if the Vestivo Gates Software is being used).