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  Vestivo RV  Integrated Gate System

Integrated Gate System with Access Control

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Imagine your valued customer being granted access to the property and driving directly to their site without stopping at the office. That vision will become a reality with our integrated gate system. Having an integrated gate solution:

      Allows You to Print Gate Passes Directly From Reservation Management System
      Allows Customer to Print Directly From Online Reservation System (if you desire)
      Increases Customer Satisfaction by Not Having to Wait in Line to Check In
      Provides Management Superior Access Control Directly from RMS
      Reduces the Need for a Customer Service Representative at Each Gate

Imagine no more lines during busy holidays or weekends. Travelers, weary from long drives, are given a whole new experience with Vestivo’s integrated gates. Once our integration specialists have programmed your gates to interface with the RMS, your customers and staff can enjoy the convenience of automatic check in via the Vestivo Gates Program. Our solution is able to integrate with your existing gates or we can help you select gates that are tailored to your needs.